My Theory About The Moon: A Novel

Tazman St.Noir has always been about family. However, after years of selflessly devoting his time, energy, and money into his progressively dysfunctioning household, Tazman finally begins to confront the root of his internal conflicts. In doing this, others around him are forced to take responsibility for their own existence. Based in the fictitious town of Duval,Florida…

Even When The Sun Don’t Shine

“This title is being released at a later date.”

Plenty To Think About & Much To Wonder

In her long awaited sophomore project, Sam Doles masterfully explores a variety of interesting topics using her unique brand of storytelling. Addressing everything from witchcraft to teen pregnancy, this book of short stories is sure to give readers “Plenty To Think About & Much To Wonder” while also introducing its’ feature story, ‘Even When The Sun Don’t Shine.’

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