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My Theory About The Moon (Order Now)

Tazman St.Noir has always been about family. However, after years of selflessly devoting his time, energy, and money into his progressively dysfunctioning household, Tazman finally begins to confront the root of his internal conflicts. In doing this, others around him are forced to take responsibility for their own existence.

Based in the fictitious town of Duval,Florida, this coming of age tale is profound in its' own right. Filled with timeless wisdom and memorable characters, it delivers a message that Shakespeare himself was all too familiar with: "To thine own self be true."

Book Reviews

  • Florida Times Union
    This sweet, well-written coming of age novella is spun around the story of an extended Jacksonville immigrant family. Focusing on one son, it’s loaded with a bevy of strong supporting characters but the real hero is a mother forced by reality to make hard choices. Jacksonville author Sam (Samerica) Doles promises more in the near future. We eagerly await.  - C.F. Foster, Riverside  
  • Brenda Davis
    Brenda Davis
    Brenda Davis
    Once I started My Theory About The Moon, I couldn't stop. This was a very good read. This is the kind of book a guy can relate to. This isn't just for the ladies. This book can make even the realest rough around the edges guy retreat and show you his vulnerable side...loved it! I loved every character, however Tazman St.Noir was my favorite he was indeed very smart, and i enjoyed every minute of this book. Overall, this book was very realistic and kept me 100% interested the entire time. Never a dull moment!! The flow of the story was great and it kept my attention. It wasn't long and drawn out like some stories can be. As an aspiring writer, I highly recommend this book it was a definitely a page turner.
  • Kendra L. Thomas
    Kendra L. Thomas
    Kendra L. Thomas
    Sam Doles masterfully delivers a story about the guy in the middle. The novel's main character "Tazman" is not the nerdy type, or the thug down the down street. What I love most about the book is Sam's artistic ability to paint the personal relationship Tazman has with God, and that relationship's familial ties. I could relate to the many symbols Sam uses to represent God working through and speaking to someone who seeks and knows him, but not in a churchy sense.
  • Universal Women of Richmond
    Universal Women of Richmond
    Universal Women of Richmond
    I'm halfway through reading this book and it has been a wonderful experience. This must make the 2013 bestseller list. Sam Doles, the author, is going places with this novel. Places that I never thought a book would take me. --Kee kee